Children will connect with peers around the world, growing and achieving dreams together!

🇧🇻 Cross-national Cross-cultural 🇧🇷

👭 A Community for Children’s Growth 👭

🫅 Empowering Children with Strong Inner Strength 💗

🌠 Over 150-Year Dream Realization Formula 🌟


💎 Dream Realization

  • Think clearly, know what you want, dare to dream and act 
  • Discover personal advantages, find one’s stage to shine 
  • Break old habits, easily form good ones 
  • Unleash imagination, use the power of the mind to achieve dreams 

💎 Radiate Confidence


  • Understand and love oneself 
  • Dare to express thoughts and feelings, be true to oneself 
  • Establish a deep sense of self-worth 
  • Identify external negative influences, stay firm in self-belief 

💎 Cross – Cultural Cooperation 


  • Learn to express one’s needs, seek resources and assistance 
  • Understand others, communicate and coordinate, leverage each other’s strengths, work together to achieve goals 
  • Immerse in a cross-cultural bilingual learning environment
  • Be surrounded by a group of positive and proactive friends