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Giovanna Tartarone, MsEd

Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Author, TV Host

Giovanna, affectionately known as Gigi, has embarked on an extraordinary journey marked by incredible resilience and profound personal transformation. Throughout her life, she has confronted numerous formidable challenges and obstacles. Rather than allowing these trials to define her, she has harnessed them as powerful catalysts for self-empowerment and as tools to uplift and inspire others.

At the heart of Giovanna’s mission lies her television show, “Sparking Change with Gigi,” which airs on e360tv. This dynamic platform serves as a beacon of inspiration, uniting exceptional individuals with unique stories and insights to ignite both personal and global change. Her aim is clear: to motivate viewers to embrace personal growth, cultivate resilience, and make a positive impact on the world around them.

Drawing upon her own life experiences and extensive research, Giovanna has crafted a transformative methodology she calls the RAINBOW method. Detailed in her compelling book, “The Power of the Rainbow: Seven Steps to Spark Change in YOU,” this method provides individuals with a practical, seven-step approach for initiating positive transformation in their lives. It has become a guiding light for those seeking to overcome obstacles and thrive.

Giovanna’s journey began as an Italian-born immigrant who settled in the United States during her childhood. Fueled by an unwavering determination to create a better life for herself and her family, she embarked on a successful career in finance, collaborating with prestigious Fortune 100 companies. Despite her impressive achievements, a profound sense of unfulfillment persisted within her.

A pivotal turning point emerged when she confronted deeply personal hardships, including her son’s health challenges and the heartbreaking loss of her mother to cancer. These heart-wrenching experiences resonated deeply within Giovanna, sparking a profound realization that change was not merely desired but imperative.

With an unwavering commitment to making a difference, Giovanna shifted her focus and embraced a new career path in education. She obtained a second Master’s degree in Special Education and wholeheartedly dedicated herself to teaching children with Autism, offering them a beacon of hope and a path to self-realization.

However, life was not done testing her resilience. In 2015, Giovanna faced the heartrending loss of her father, followed by a devastating breast cancer diagnosis in 2017. These adversities served as crucibles of transformation, revealing the remarkable capacity for resilience, inner strength, and the transcendence of limitations that resides within the human spirit.

Giovanna’s transformational journey reached new heights as she immersed herself in the teachings of Bob Proctor and Napoleon Hill, ultimately becoming a Certified Proctor & Gallagher Consultant and a Napoleon Hill Global Certified Coach. Inspired by her deep belief in the interconnectedness of the spirit, mind, and body, she ventured further into the realm of energy medicine. Becoming a certified facilitator of integrative and complementary practices for holistic well-being, Giovanna developed a potent approach to support healing in her clients.

Today, armed with her combined expertise in mindset principles and energy medicine, Giovanna serves as a global guide, unlocking the boundless potential within individuals and nurturing their personal and professional growth. She shares Bob Proctor’s teachings, empowering her clients to embrace transformative mindset principles. Additionally, she leverages integrative and complementary practices, harnessing the power of energy medicine to facilitate holistic well-being within her practice.

Giovanna’s holistic approach transcends conventional methods, recognizing the intricate web of connections between the mind, body, and spirit. By addressing these interconnected aspects in her clients’ lives, she champions their healing journey on multiple levels. Whether it involves conquering limiting beliefs, enhancing self-awareness, or fostering emotional and energetic equilibrium, Giovanna is unwaveringly committed to helping individuals live happier, more fulfilling lives.

Through her compassionate guidance, individuals embark on a transformative path of self-discovery, empowerment, and holistic healing. Giovanna seamlessly merges alternative healing and life coaching, leveraging her profound understanding of the mind-body-spirit connection to assist her clients on their personal journeys. Ultimately, she helps them cultivate profound joy, purpose, and inner harmony in their lives.

For those seeking to unlock their potential, initiate positive change, and discover their own inner rainbows, Giovanna’s work stands as an enduring source of inspiration and empowerment. To explore further, you can visit her website at



Giovanna Tartarone